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   Wednesday, October 11, 2006  

Sick baby hell

This evening my little man acted a little off. He was on self-destruct. So he went to sit with his daddy at the computer while I tidied the mess he had made of the living room thinking that he could then play safely again.

A few moments later, Mr. W insisted the lowercase felt warm. And he did. He had a temp of 99.5, which is fairly elevated for him -- his normal runs a bit below the average person. We gave him some tylenol drops and thought that would help.

Until bedtime. When he began crying...wailing...letting loose these unholy shrieks of pain. He was congested -- you could feel it in his chest when he would try to breathe. We finally got him to sleep (in the spare bed in his room, with me) but that lasted only a bit more than an hour.

At 1 am, he got more tylenol drops. Now he's got the stuffy nose, can't take his binky because then he can't breathe but can't get comfortable to sleep without the sucking going on. And there's some pretty intense farting going on. I got up to give him some mylicon, but of course, I LOST THAT DROPPER! And of course the dosage on that is 0.3 ml and on the tylenol it goes in 0.4 and 0.8...and then there's his vitamin dropper that is marked with 0.5 and 1.0!

So...he kind of has to suffer the gas since even the generic medicine dropper we own isn't calibrated for 0.3! EVIL! I have googled till I can't google any more while the little man stands pseudo-happily in his crib (mama's not forcing the lay down and sleep so he's alright with things temporarily). And it appears that nobody has ever at all inadvertantly warped their mylicon dropper cleaning it and then, thinking that they had something marked with the appropriate measurements THROWN IT AWAY! Apparently I'm the only dumbass to pull that one.

And I'm tired. And he's sick. And I can do NOTHING!

I don't think we're at emergency call level yet because seriously? The ped on call will say to me "Stupid. Give him some mylicon, give him tylenol when you next can, call us in the morning." But I don't know what else to do so I may do just that.

And yet, here I am. At 3:30am praying for my son to be able to sleep. Praying that maybe something in the bar cabinet measures to 0.3 ml and hoping it doesn't make me a bad parent to be contemplating the use of something intended for measuring shots in mixed drinks to medicate my son.

For added fun? I noticed during "dinner" that he pulled on his ear a few times and panicked because what if that's his first ear infection and what the hell am I supposed to do about that? Of course, he was pulling at his face in general in the way he does when he's tired -- that rubbing grabbing, tugging thing. (Also...I kind of totally caused the gas...I made a vegetable soup for dinner tonight with beans in it. Aside of the beans and the leeks, he'd had every veggie in the soup and I figured leeks were like onions which he's had in things and beans...well he's had tofu and that's made from soy beans with no problem so surely other beans would pose no problem...so I tossed some in the food processor for him...stupid mama!)

And um...oh...yeah...tomorrow is his pre-op appointment at the hospital for all the blood work for his surgery...scheduled for next week. For which he CANNOT be sick or he can't have it and I'll have to work up the guts to actually schedule the damn thing a second time and I'm not sure I've got that in me...

3:30am....not a good time for me. Or my little guy.

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  Comments about my post, "Sick baby hell":
Ummm, I know you're stressed and tired taking care of a sick baby but I think you're a little too worried about the measuring. Just take the dropper that measures 0.4ml and fill it a little short of that. Eyeball it. Or, heck, giving a full 0.4ml dose of Mylicon is certainly not going to hurt him. Really.
Awww, poor little guy.

I actually bought a box of 100 dosing syringes that measure .1ml up to 1.0ml since Azure had been getting .2ml of Reglan three times a day (now up to .4ml). They gave me one at the pharmacy when I picked up the Rx the first time. The numbers all washed off the syringe within the week. How was I supposed to clean the thing and keep the numbers on? The box of 100 came with caps so I can pack them to go and it only cost me $11.00. Not going to help you in the middle of the night, but maybe for next time.

Hope he feels better soon.
I don't know if there's some reason he can't have Motrin, but baby Motrin works WAY better than baby Tylenol. (At least it does for Tony) :) Maybe try that at least for fevers. :)
Anesthesiologists are often sticklers for waiting a few of weeks until after a chest cold to do a procedure, because of risk to the baby. I'm not saying this to make you worry, only to warn you that they may want to push the surgery back. Hope this isn't the case and that your little one gets well soon!

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