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   Wednesday, February 07, 2007  

My kid has a fever.

A 103 degree fever.

A fever with no other symptoms that anything is wrong -- no crying, no rash, no vomit, no poop of doom. Nothing.

And I can't get it to drop below 100. (Currently: 102.3)

I called the pediatrician when I had waited 30 minutes for the stupid baby tylenol to kick in.

They said to bring him in, he needed to be seen, yes this is important.

And they will see him. But not now. No. At 8 pm. It didn't matter that he was acutely ill at 2:00. 8:00 was the earliest they could do.

I had a nurse call me back to give me ideas on how to help get the temperature to break.

They don't work.

He is hot. I am tired. I am cranky. And I think I'm getting a rash from holding a hot, hot baby to my chest.

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How is he doing? I'm sure his fever is down by now, but I'll share with you what our doctor told us when we were in the same boat -- did you try the tepid bath thing? They said to fill the tub with barely warm water (all the way up to their neck) and that would help bring their body temp down. I hope this is all moot and everyone's feeling better.
Advil actually takes fevers down faster dn keeps them down longer. Soem DR's recommend if you ahve trouble controlling a fever to give advil then 3 hours later give tylnol. Repeat as needed. They work differently so complement each other. they shoudl NOT be given at teh same time. Now havign said that remember always ASK your DR before trying anything anyone tells you or anything you read online as it might not be right for you child. MINE was VERRRRRY ill.
Sorry about the sucky typing I didn't proof it... I should know better!
I hope you guys are all ok. Thinking of you. *hugs*

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