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   Tuesday, October 23, 2007  

People suck!

The lowercase turns 2 a week from tomorrow. We've been planning his party for several weeks and it seems things have just fallen apart completely.

Where to begin, where to begin. How about my family which really isn't so bad.

My mom's parents will not be coming. Apparently my grandma had some issues with her back a few weeks ago, went through physical therapy it wasn't any better so they did an MRI. A closed MRI. And she had a massive panic attack and has been having them ever since despite taking several anti-anxiety medicines in attempts to get back to normal. So she really can't come. And I knew that and was ok with it.

My nephew can't keep a secret and spilled to my mom....who also can't keep a secret and immediately called to tell me. My brother, his wife and their three kids were coming to surprise as along with my biological father and his wife. And then things fell through with their plans (3 kids, school, wife is a teacher's aide...) so the 5 of them couldn't come and for whatever reason my dad and step-mom wouldn't come without them. Could be because my step-mom is an evil bitch and we don't exactly like each other...could be that since my dad and I aren't close they are afraid to come out here and spend an entire weekend hanging out with me (and, oh, yeah...the ex-wife, her husband and his mother).

So from my family, making the trip will be my mom, my step-dad (who the lowercase was named for, by the by) and his mom. They are all awesome and I am extremely excited about their arrival Friday evening.

Of course, the real fun comes with Mr. W's family. My MIL was an only child and her mother had surgery recently. Apparently, she broke her foot more than a year ago but it was missed on x-ray and healed at an angle that prevented her from walking. Early this month, she finally had the courage to let a surgeon re-break the bones and put pins in. She hasn't walked in so long that her doctor felt she needed to be in a rehab facility after the surgery. Somehow she wasn't getting along with the nurses and therapists, they forced her to do excercises that hurt her shoulders so then she refused to do ANYTHING they asked. And they turned her in to her insurance so they cut off her benefits and were kicking her out of the facility at the end of this week. She has nowhere to go. So my mother-in-law is going to have to take care of her. My father-in-law said it wouldn't be fair for him to come up without his wife and then finally admitted that he didn't want to come up in case something happened there and he would never hear the end of it from her.

OOOOOK. I mean, I get it...it's legitimate, but, what the hell? They've got more money than God -- surely they could hire someone to help out for a day? They've left her alone for less valid reasons many times before -- she was in a wheelchair then just as much as she is now.

And then Mr. W's sister called to say she isn't coming either. Something or other about her car not working right and being afraid to drive it...she was going to ride up with her parents but since they aren't coming, she isn't either. (Despite the fact that there is a train that runs from her town to ours that she has taken in the past)

I mean, I get that they are all valid reasons that people who said they were coming aren't...but it just sucks. On so many levels. And in writing it appears more innocent than it is. If you've read other posts about my in-laws, you know a bit of how they are and I can assure you that there is much more back-bitey-ness to all of this.


Perhaps the galling part is the part that I forgot to post? That my mother-in-law said that they would make a special trip up to celebrate on a different weekend. When we asked when they would like to plan that, she said "Well, November's crazy, taking care of your grandma for a week or so and then getting ready for Thanksgiving...then I have to clean that up and get ready for the holidays (they decorate for both Channukah and Christmas but don't really celebrate either)...then there are all the holiday parties, mine, my friends, then we barely get those cleaned up and it's time for the New Year's parties, then we'll need some time to rest...so maybe in the summer?"

Our best friends locally will also not be coming. On Tuesday evening at 5:00, they delivered their 2nd son. We are all very excited about his arrival as we met them in the NICU -- their first was a 30 weeker born the day before our son (really only about 6 hours before). We've been through a lot together -- I'm just so glad we didn't have to go through any more drama as this one waited until a respectable 37.5 weeks to arrive!

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  Comments about my post, "People suck!":
Hope the lowercase has a wonderful birthday :-)

Sorry to hear so many can't make it to his festivities--wish I was there, I'd be in attendance, along with my 'screaming mimis.'

Have a happy Halloween too!

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