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   Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

I was doing so well at this whole housewife thing.  Ok, so I'm still not cleaning around here.  (Honestly, the only time I ever did was when I followed the flylady plan, but I haven't done that since the first of our many summer vacations)

But then this week...the cooking.  Oh, the shame!  I can apparently only cook the most basic simple things.  For instance I make a mean stirfry and any Italian dish requiring a red sauce (pasta, baked pastas...um...pretty much just the pastas) I can whip up without a problem.

Since I am now what my husband refers to as a "broken vegetarian" (I eat both fish and poultry but still stay away from all other meats) I decided to make chicken and rice for dinner tonight.  I thought it would be easiest to do it in the crock pot.

This is a mistake.  I had a recipe that I did NOT follow but took the cooking times from.  I just went in to stir it as it should have another hour.  All the liquid?  Soaked in.  The rice?  Sticky and gooey.  I took a small bite...NO FLAVOR.  I mean, granted I put zero seasoning of any kind (not even salt) because it couldn't be tasted until the raw ingredients were cooked and I didn't want to overdo it.  But...yuck.

Not sure how or if it can be salvaged.  Things were so much easier before my husband broke my eating habits.  Dinner tonight would have been basmati rice with steamed veggies.  And, if I was feeling really adventurous, I might have diced up some tofu and tossed it all in the wok.

Anyone have any good crock pot recipes?  That are toddler friendly?  And don't contain any of the meats I hate?

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