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   Monday, November 12, 2007  

Sleep issues

Alright folks.  I need some advice here.  I've mentioned the lowercase's attachment issues.

It's kind of at the break point right now.  He can not sleep without touching me.  It's been this way for the last two or three weeks.  When he wants a nap, he curls up beside me and lays his head in my lap or on my shoulder.

At bed time, he curls up in my lap and drinks some milk while rubbing my arms, talking or singing to me, or asking me to sing to him.  I kind of like that part of the routine -- ok, I love it.

But once he is asleep, he wants the touch to continue.  I can't just put him in his bed.  Right now, as is the case most nights, he is laying on one end of the couch and I am sitting on the other.  I have to keep at least one leg stretched out alongside him.  And before we make it to bed, he will stir and whimper until I hug him.  If I don't hug him in my arms he will wake fully in a screaming tantrum that could last for a LONG time.

So how do we get the little guy to sleep away from me for just a couple of hours so that we could do what couples like to do?  I mean, if there's a chance that I could ever talk Mr. W into another go at TTC, I'd hate to miss my opportunity because the firstborn doesn't want to lose physical contact.  Suggestions?  Books?  Techniques?  Ideas?

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