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   Friday, November 02, 2007  

We're a bit sad around the W household today.  I can't exactly give details, but many months ago a man approached Mr. W about a new job opportunity.  The man owned his company and wanted to retire over the course of the next several years.  He wanted Mr. W to leave his current job and take over the company as CEO.  We thought about it...but didn't want to move and Mr. W had just been promoted, so we decided that he should turn the job down.  So the man asked his 2nd choice, who at the end of September also decided that he didn't want to move.

I asked Mr. W to talk to the man about possibly telecommuting and traveling to corporate headquarters a week or so a month.  The man thought this was a great idea but as soon as choice 2 turned it down, another company made an offer to buy the entire company.  The man wasn't satisfied with the figure and said that he would give them until Halloween to sweeten the deal sufficiently.  We were to find out on 11/1 the fate of the job.  Instead of talking to him, he got an email from the man stating that he was unexpectedly out of town and that he would call him first thing this morning.

He sold the company.  The deal could still fall through, but that's highly unlikely.  The man apologized, but felt that with the final number he could not turn them down as it was a large enough figure to significantly improve the rest of his life (for the record, he's in his 50s so the sum must have been quite nice indeed!).

Sadly, this job would have given Mr. W more than double his current salary.  Our insurance would have been a better plan AND fully paid by the company with no contribution from us.  He would also have a 25% ownership in the company.  If we had decided to take the job in the Spring when it was first offered, we would now be set for MANY years to come with our profit from the sale.

And this was the change that would have had Mr. W working from home, allowing me to become pregnant again without putting the lowercase in daycare.  This was the only way that Mr. W could see it all as being at all possible any time in the near future.

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I'm so sorry to hear about this turn of events and hoping like hell that things can somehow work out going forward (be it with another job, another opportunity, heck, even for the sale to fall through).

Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one.

May that be the case for you and the Mr.
I'm sorry, hon. I was wondering what the possibility was, since last I heard he'd turned it down. It's a bummer that it came so close again only to be vanish overnight. :(

I hope that there's something else wonderful lurking around the corner.
I'm sorry sweetie, I thought this was a done deal months ago. Bummer.

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