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   Saturday, December 29, 2007  


Wow!  The Christmas whirlwind...but before I can get to anything, I need to send a hearty congratulations to Jen and Cait.  And of course, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my dear friend Amy.

We began our Christmas vacation by piling into the car on Thursday.  Somehow a drive that normally takes us 10-12 hours took only 9 hours!  INCREDIBLE!  We got out only ONCE during the ride to eat, use the bathroom, and change a diaper.  The lowercase was extremely agreeable and happy the whole way.  Although he would NOT allow us to turn the radio on, and we did have to put in a Thomas DVD for the entire time we spent on the Ohio Turnpike (about 3 hours).  Interestingly, he didn't watch it most of that time, but sang along to the songs and told us stories about the trains that he made up.  (One morning, Thomas saw Daddy!  And mommy!  He went to Mimi and Poppa's house.)

The holidays were lovely, if a bit different from our usual madhouse.  My grandmother isn't healing quite as nicely as she should, but she is healing.  Part of the problem is that her sugar levels aren't staying where they should consistently.  This could stem from the fact that there was no dissuading her from baking an extra dessert and eating at least one serving of each dessert present at EVERY meal.  I don't know what the numbers all mean, only that on 12/27, the visiting nurse tested her and it was 258.  Apparently to heal quickly and well it needs to be more than 100 points lower.  Huh.  And yet she is an adult woman and we can't just tell her no.  We can't stop her from doing things and making her own decisions about food.  And, as she said to the nurse, she still doesn't really believe that she is diabetic...despite the multiple insulin injections per day and the numbers that prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Grandma's memory is also very bad.  And she knows that she is forgetting things and it bothers her greatly.  So there is that.  But things are so much better than they were a few short weeks ago and for that I am extremely grateful.

Mr. W's phone call went well.  Extremely well.  So well in fact that he will be traveling to the company's headquarters with accountants in tow Thursday to examine the books.  And then we make our final decision and go through all the legal maneuverings.  Nobody expects there to be any problems -- the company owner is so confident of that fact that his health insurance plan is already sitting on my kitchen counter.

And holy shit am I in love with that insurance plan!  Our current insurance plan is a good plan...if you are a normal person with normal reproductive abilities.  But the plan sitting on my counter for us to peruse?  Covers everything.  It covers IUIs....injectibles...GIFT...ZIFT...IVF...ICSI.  Granted it's not unlimited in its scope (up to 3 IUIs maximum and 2 IVFs -- with transfer of 2 embryos max per procedure), but it's a damn sight more than most insurance plans in the US!  I haven't read it myself since we've been home less than 12 hours  and I had a cranky toddler to try to get to go back to sleep, but it looks good.  It kind of looks like I could maybe possibly use that...and I've got 10 years to decide since the infertility benefits expire at age 40.

Other things going on...I almost thought that this job coming back on the table was some kind of foreshadowing.  Mr. W has said the only way he could see me personally being pregnant again was if he worked from home...and then for the last two weeks I had severe nausea.  I didn't think much of it but he pointed out that it was almost like I was pregnant it was so bad.  And then the sore boobs happened.  And my period didn't come.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Until finally, 7 days late, it showed up.  And the soreness went away.  I had some pretty intense cramping that I usually don't -- all while driving home yesterday.  Maybe it was something, maybe it wasn't.  Regardless, it's time to get my body back to normal.  I'm quite a bit heavier after the lowercase's birth than before -- I went from a size 4 to a size 8.  Maybe that has something to do with things.  Maybe not.  I don't want to go back on birth control -- I prefer to not take medications when avoidable (which includes all over-the-counter products as well).  I'd rather try to handle my body naturally.  And so I think it might be time to break out the ol' bbt and start temping and charting.  Not to try to become pregnant necessarily, but to start to understand my own body again...to give myself more of a clue when things are happening and why.

(And for those of you wondering...the 7 days late and my thoughts that maybe...I would have been happy if it had been something, but I think I just am not ready for that at this point in time.  I want to go on vacation in the spring that I wouldn't be able to if I were pregnant.  I want to drop the rest of this extra weight first.  I want things to be a bit more definite with Mr. W's job and not feel pressured to do something because we need him to be home for the lowercase while I'm stuck in bed.  In short -- BAD TIMING.  So I'm not exactly sad that it wasn't meant to be right now.)

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