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   Wednesday, June 11, 2008  

Growing up

Over the last couple of days, I've become much more calm and Zen about everything.  To be sure, there is still a lot to learn and things could work out or not with the surrogate that we're talking to.

And I'm ok with that.

Mr. W is still in procrastination mode...sort of.  For him, if we're not planning to do something until AFTER December, he doesn't see the need to start looking until December.  However, he does understand that I need a bit more than that.  More time, a more developed relationship with the woman who would carry my baby.  So, as in most things related to our family (from conception of children to developmental milestones and when and what are issues to parenting techniques and discipline) I do the research, I make an informed decision and then tell him about it and why it's a good decision.  I don't know...it works for us.  I'm the one with the degree in elementary education with an extensive background in child development.  I also have a more thorough understanding of human reproduction (he knows how it works, I know a bit more about the hormones involved, beta levels, and on and on...the things all women who have had reproductive issues are well-versed in...the things I thought all women were until I actually started talking to my fertile friends about their pregnancies).  So those are my responsibilities.  He has an innate understanding of all things technological.  Anything computer related, TVs, DVDs, GPSs, cell phones, cars (beyond body style, color and interior fabrics/colors) are all his domain.  He does the research there and he sets everything in motion -- I just come in at the last minute and say things like "That SUV has a cuter butt than that one.  Let's get it in red.  With light gray leather interior...and 8 passenger instead of 7."  But he's already done the research and knows it's a good car before I come into the picture.

I guess that's the clearest picture of where we are.  I'm trying to relax, realizing that we have a bit over 6 months before we plan to start making decisions, and quite frankly, if it isn't right at that point, we don't have to take the best available...we can wait for the very best situation.  We  just can't do it sooner than that.  And Mr. W is focusing on the areas of our lives together that he's best at (like ordering my new car, replacing our cell phones with the 2nd generation iPhones...)

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