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   Friday, July 11, 2008  

The W family has been incredibly busy over the last several weeks.  We've thrown a party, hosted 7 house guests (including our kindergarten nephew and 1 year old niece), prepared dinner for Mr. W's dad and sister, AND all come down with one hell of a summer virus!

The lowercase has had temperatures as high as 102 since Thursday night (I don't remember what day it is, so I have no idea how long we've been this sick!) -- thankfully it does come down with motrin, fluids and naps...unfortunately it's gone back up several times.

Somehow during all of that, I had Mr. W read through several of the e-mails from the surrogate that I've mentioned a few times.  We talked about the fact that her description of what she's looking for is almost word for word how we would describe what we're looking for.  And, I'm not going to lie, we both love love love that she is a NICU nurse.  It's funny because if she didn't think the way we do it wouldn't matter, but since she does that's like the cherry on the sundae.  NICU nurses are a (well) known commodity for us -- we've depended on them, entrusted them with the lowercase when they could do for him what we could not...  For us, that is something that says "will do anything to make sure this baby is healthy."  (I know that people in other fields would as well; I myself would do anything I had to for *any* child regardless of who his/her parents were)

I emailed her and told her how we felt -- basically exactly what I just wrote here.  She sent me back a message saying that she really likes us and feels the same way.  She gave me her phone numbers and asked me to call or said that she would be willing to call us if we didn't want to pay for the call as she has free long distance (we do, too, thank you Vonage -- but I just thought that was incredibly sweet for her to offer!).

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to call her anytime soon.  The virus in me has manifested as an incredibly sore throat.  I kind of sound like a 47 year old chain smoking auto mechanic named Bud.  I'd joked about that earlier in the day...and then a short while ago, I answered a phone call from a friend who asked "Is Miss W there?"  "Um...C...it's me"  "Oh.  Um.  Wow.  I thought your dad was still there."

We have guests arriving Sunday night (one of Mr. W's friends, his wife, their 3 kids and possibly his brother and his wife's mother).  Here's hoping that I'm well enough to deal with it.

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Eek, sorry to hear about the summer bug running its course through the W household. Be gone soon cursed virus!

Call me crazy, but I enjoy having a slew of houseguests--especially when they're on vacation. It kind of makes me feel like I'm on vacation too, in a way.

Nice news on the potential surrogate/NICU nurse. It sounds promising and that, my friend, is a lovely thing.

Hope you get to feeling better soon and that more progress is in your future :-)

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