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   Monday, October 06, 2008  

Random Catch-Up Tidbits

  • We bought the lowercase a second Marathon.  It's comfortable, he likes it and it's not so heavy that it can't be easily moved by a weakling (that would be me).  And in his desire for a cupholder?  The new car doesn't have latches in the middle of the first row of back seats (or if it does, I didn't find then in my quick looking) which I think is because of the 60/40 seats for access to the third row.  Regardless, he now sits behind the passengers seat and in his Marathon has perfect access to the cupholder in the door.  He also has access to the door handle and the window button -- discovered at a rather inopportune time.  We now have the child safety locks turned on for both doors and windows.
  • The lowercase is turning three in just 25 short days!  He wants a camera.  Any opinions on the Fisher Price Kid Tough vs. the other digital cameras marketed for kids?
  • No further in the quest toward surrogacy.  However, I'm not sure how good a fit the closest clinic to us that handles surrogacies will be.  They e-mail me the doctor's "intention of the day" every day.  They host bonding nature walks and bonfires for patients to spend time with one another.  They're very big on alternative therapies...accupuncture and massage etc.  In fact, the RE who runs the place has two separate deals going out of his office -- the **** Healing Arts and **** Fertility.  I don't know...I like my high-tech medical procedures to be a bit more science-y if you know what I'm saying.  I'm sure it's wonderful for some, but it's just not something I'm feeling.  If after the first appointment I don't like it, I'll check out a clinic in Connecticut that seems more like me (just much further from home).
  • Potty training sucks.  My little man woke from his nap on Friday dry (as always, he also wakes up dry in the mornings and has for over a year and a half).  I took him to the potty, but he didn't pee.  So, I put him in a pull-up and took him for a snack and some juice.  I promised him something special if he would still be dry when I took him to the potty after watching an episode of Max & Ruby.  He was dry, but didn't pee.  He said he needed more juice.  So, another juice box, another deal to watch a show (this time Charlie & Lola -- he's got a thing about brother & sister shows).  He was completely dry.  We rushed to the potty because after 2 juice boxes in an hour, I knew the floodgates would open.  We got into the bathroom -- still dry.  As I'm opening his potty, the boy starts grinning as the pattern that shows he's wet emerges on the front of the pull-up.  The kicker?  Once he started going?  HE LAUGHED IN MY FACE!  I asked him what was funny and he said "NOW can I just wear my Sesame Street diaper?  That's what I really want!"  So...I'm taking a couple of weeks off.  At least one, but maybe two.  I put the potties away in a closet.  I took away the M&Ms and Skittles that were his potty prizes.  (For the record, he's got excellent control.  He can stay dry.  He can pee in the potty.  At my mom's house, he said he wanted a skittle and since those are only for the potty he said we should take him.  He sat down, squeezed one tiny drop of urine into the potty and promptly demanded his skittle.)
  • This kid slays me.  He is so smart and so funny.  Maybe it says something about our eating habits and computer usage, but he's playing with my iPhone right now and telling me "M-O-E-S, that spells Moe's.  I like Moe's. I get a taco and chips and milk and a cookie!"  And now he tells me that it says "Please press enter dot com.  That's what it says.  Dot com!"
  • After loaning his pirate costume from last year to his little girlfriend (too cute, they hug and tell each other "I love you" and she calls him Honey), he has now decided that he wants to be a pirate again this year.  Yikes!  Do I really have to get another pirate costume???  Though it is much better than the hamburger costume he'd picked out earlier this month.

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  Comments about my post, "Random Catch-Up Tidbits":
Hmm, the F-P Kid Tough digital camera is okay. J got one for Xmas last year and loves to play with it (as does D now). The picture quality leaves a bit to be desired so that may be a factor to consider.

Other than that, the batteries have a good life to them (haven't replaced them yet) and the camera is pretty easy to use. It has also survived lots of drops and whatnot. If I were reviewing it, I'd give it 3 stars out of 5.

Don't know what else is out there specifically for kids but you might want to look around a bit if you don't want to settle.

That's my two cents' worth.

Hope y'all are each doing well and enjoying these early Fall months!

Good luck with the costume!

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